Missing Entries In dbo.Jobs Table For The Jobs Id Entries In dbo.logs Table

While performing the auditing, it is possible to see the jobs ids in the dbo.logs table but the respective jobs id are not found in the dbo.Jobs table.

Root Cause: Below are probable causes behind this issue,

  • An Attended job started while disconnected from Orchestrator (network down, work laptop at home etc) would look exactly like this. The Logs are persisted on Robot machine and retried, and eventually succeed (eg. when the laptop is brought back in). But the Job creation and status is not.
To further triage what may have happened, find the exact time and machine the job had run (from those logs) then explore the event viewer on that machine for that period, look for entries from Robot. They might shed some light. An Orchestrator or SQL crash at the right moment could also explain this, again because job status API calls are not retried but Logs are. The Robot application event log would indicate something as it would report the failure to report the job status. the jobs execute uninterrupted in case the job status calls fail. Error logs are saved locally to event log (search for "SubmitJob" in event viewer)

If network team confirmed that there is no connection glitch / issue observed at network level, then below could cause this issue:
  • This can occur if jobs are triggered in attended mode from the Studio. If it was done so then only logs will go to the database(Development Logging is "Yes" by default) and jobs entry will not happen. This is the expected behavior.
Also have a look at the process name for the missing jobs and for those which are present, in the logs table. To confirm check if environment name is tagged with job name or not.

For example,
  • If process name "Baseproof Automation" is run from Studio, while Robot is connected with Orchestrator, the process name in logs table will look like : "Baseproof Automation".
  • When run from Orchestrator with environment tagged, it will look like :"Baseproof Automation_EnvironmentName".