Job logs not showing/error message

Hi all,

Having an issue recently in Orchestrator (dev at this point) where I’m unable to see Job logs. It looks like it’s loading for a while, then comes up with the below (and I know there should be information etc)

Anyone had similar?




Are you using Community or Enterprise Edition of Orchestrator ?

If it is Enterprise Edition then please contact UIpath support team.

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Hey @Alex_Cross,

We had to change the robot machine password.

I have faced this issue once when i forgot to change the robot password in the orchestrator and the logs table in sql has huge no of records.

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This typically will happen if either the drive is full that stores Execution Logs or the nuget packages OR the SQL database server is full and you need to clear out old Logs to allow more information. For some reason, I heard mentioned that it only supports up to a certain size on the SQL database.

If it’s something else, then UiPath technical support would probably need to look at it, because I’m not sure otherwise.


Thanks so much everyone!! Will get in touch with our IT and ask them to check the drive/old logs

According to the azure portal, only 2.66 / 50 GB of storage is being used. So it seems like it’s not that, so I’ll contact support, thanks so much!