Missing activities for uipath.excel.activities


I was wondering if I am missing something here. I can only find the uipath.excel.activities.readrange activity, and not the uipath.excel.activities.excelreadrange activity, from my package. Any reason why? I think there are other invisible activities from the selection too.


FYI: my excel package is the most updated, of


The second read you are referring is from WORKBOOK ACTIVITIES
We need to search as Excel In the activity panel and under that package we will be having excelreadrange

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Which activity? and in which version you have used it and in the latest version it is not available.
Please check.

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Hi @gabby

Please see the link for your reference.

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I don’t understand the significance of this.Mine was like this.

How do I reveal the uipath.excel.activities.readrange on the activity panel?


For some reason, opening one of my older workflows finally reveals the read range activity across all of my uipath workflows. It should be noted I tried opening a few other workflows to find that read range activity, and only one was finally able to reveal it.


Compare the first two images , you can see that under the uipath.excel.activities branch, two more branches appear, mainly ‘app integration’ and ‘system’. I have utilised the same search condition by typing ‘read’ in the search bar.

Anyway, I can’t tell you why what I did works. Perhaps there is a master config somewhere that allows you to hide or reveal activities across all Uipath Instances. If so, I would like to know how a developer can manipulate that control directly, and understand it better, rather than ‘opening older workflows till I hit the jackpot’.


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