Microsoft Text Analysis returning {"error":{"code":"404","message": "Resource not found"}}

I’m Trying to use Microsoft Text Analysis activity, opted free trail form Microsoft Azure Cognitive services and got API Key and URL.
but it is showing following error {“error”:{“code”:“404”,“message”: “Resource not found”}} when I displayed “RawResult” and displayed ‘0’ for sentiment value.
as per suggestions tried everything like changing URL specific to my region, using another API key provided there and tried without entering URL etc but couldnt solve. anybody have solution to this?
actually those URLs only not loading in Browser also here are those " "

Key 1: e99b709--------------055bde2bbedcd

Key 2: 0eb997d---------------bf6f6ba04755d277

Even I am facing the same issue. Please let me know in case you got the solution.


404 means wrong URL.
Can you check your service URL property in the activity?


seems right URL. (I removed a space at the end of the string.)

Did you get 404 error even if you send to the above URL?
If you got 401 error, your key is not for the server. Please check information for your key in the azure portal


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