Microsoft Text Analysis still up to date?

Hello everyone,

is the Microsoft Text Analysis activity still functional?
I am trying to analyze a text under input of endpoint and the api key. As answer I always get

“error”:{“code”:“404”,“message”: “Resource not found”

A couple of months ago the activity worked with the settings I use now. Does anyone know more about the issue?

Hi @Kytyzow
Its Functioning very well at all. Once check your URL or otherwise try to update the latest version of cognitive activities 2.2.4 in the manage packages.


Hmm, I copied the endpoint directly from Azure and the api key exactly the same way.

You get the same error or you find a solution.

Take a look on this thread

Thanks for the reference to the documentation.

There is the possibility to test the request URL directly. This will give a correct response on the Microsoft website. If the URL is used in UiPath, then 404 is delivered.

Same settings on UiPath

HI @Kytyzow
Make sure your regional url or key and endpoint. If you again got that error means may be its a tricky for me also.
Link to @Yoichi


As @AMALRAJ mentioned, first perhaps you should get information for Location/region and Endpoint at Azure portal as the following.

Then, serviceUrl property of the activity will be the following, for example.




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