Microsoft Text Analysis always shows always 0

Hi ,
I’ve gone through the introduction part of Activity “Microsoft Text Analysis” given in forum.
and i created a new workflow. But the Sentiment parameter in output shows always 0.Even after giving appropriate key n Service URL.Please help me with this.

Hi, @Shree_Vybhavi,

Please see the following relevant post.

If you still have problem, can you share your workflow?


Hi thank you for the response.Actually I’ve gone through it .The problem was with the key which i was using. I tried with free trail key and service URL and it didn’t work.

Hi @Shree_Vybhavi,I have used the free trial key and service URL.It worked for me
Try to remove service url and check only by providing trial key

Even after that i’m getting sentiment value as 0. Don’t know why


Can you share your Raw Result value of the activity?


Yaa sure…
here it is

Refer this @Shree_Vybhavi,

Thank you for quick response . Sure i’ll refer.:slight_smile :slight_smile:

I don’t have that option…

Go to Subscriptions @Shree_Vybhavi

Is it necessary to provide Debit card details??

I’ve got the key from same page


Please check whether your key is valid, at the Testing Console of Azure.

First, go to the following page and click your location for API testing console.

Then fill you API Key to “Ocp-Apim-Subscription-Key” field and Click “Send” Button.

If the response status is 401, your key is invalid or your location is not correct.
You might need to re-generate your API key or to re-get it using other account.


Thank you so much i’ll try with this n get back to you with result. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately same error access denied.


It seems your API key is invalid for some reason such as wrong key or expired etc.
Perhaps you should re-get your API Key.


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I retried to get key but that too didn’t seem to work.

Here is image of the page for Trial API Key.

Please check the following.

  1. Your Location / Endpoint URL.
    In this case, location is westcentralus.

  2. Your API key.
    In this case, Key1 is started with “6” and ended with “2”. Do not contain “Key 1:”


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