Microsoft Retired dotNET Framework 4.61 on April 26, 2022

Microsoft retired the dotNET Framework 4.61, as we can see in the life cycle.
In the Studio directory exists a folder which called net461.
Also when I develop components is it necessary to enter net461 as target framework. I tried net462 once, but then the package manager could not recognize the package.
As far as I know specifying the target framework is a declaration for compilation. The execution should always be given by the backward compatibility of the dotNET frameworks.
Is this really the case? Meaning that despite the end of the dotNET Framework 4.61 lifecycle, there are no limitations or threats to be expected in the context of UiPath?
Will the package manager be changed in the future, so that in Windows legacy compatibility mode other packages than net461 are displayed?

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You are right, this is the declaration used for compilation so you can declare net461 but you can have on the machine 4.7.2 or 4.8 so your runtime is fully patched and your projects continue to run.

Also, windows and cross-platform are based on .net 6.0 so you will not run into any issues if you are using these targets.


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Thank you @alexandru.

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