Microsoft Office/D365 Shared Connections do not appear in studio activity

Prior to the latest studio update when connections were established in orchestrator for shared folders they would appear as options for the D365 activites and Office365 activities.

I am on the latest enterprise release and they are not populating, I have tested this with my non work community edition and studio version there is newer than the latest enterprise release and it DOES show the shared connections.

ANyone know what the eta for this being fixed is?

For reference here is a test from community current version

Did you check the versions of the D365 package between your two different studios? I believe the shared connections are a more recent addition to all of these packages.

I have the most recent package in both instances, and I don’t think it is a recent add because prior to this studio update our shared connections worked

Indeed, there was a bug on our side but it got fixed with the latest 23.4/23.6 versions.

We experienced similar issue earlier this week, Contacted UiPath support after initial investigation. Product support mentioned that they are aware of the issue as it has been reported by other customers as well. However, they assumed that it has something to do with robot account type (local vs directory user). I do not agree with this assumption. We have managed to resolve it by upgrading to 2023.4.4.

Root cause: This was a bug in 2023.4.2 release.
Solution: Upgrade to 2023.4.3 or 2023.4.4.
2023.4.3 release notes does confirm the bug fix.

Hope this help.