Microsoft OCR ( option doesnt exist)

anyone knows why that options doesnt appear?

if I try using another as triseract , doesnt work…
so Im stucked

Hey @Wagner_Macedo

you can install the omnipage package and use the onmipage OCR, it is free and also works well with the screen objects, otherwise you can take the API Key from orchestrator in order to use your UiPath Screen OCR.


Hi @fernando_zuluaga , Im going to try this, I don’t know how to do it but I’ll try.

wich one?

first go to your automation cloud(orchestrator) and go to admin → Licenses → Robots & Services → Computer Vision and copy your API Key


also for omnipage you should install the UiPath.OmniPage.Activities


Hi @Wagner_Macedo

If you want UiPath Document OCR API Key then

Go to Orchestrator click on Admin->Licences->Robots&Services

If you want OmniPage OCR then download UiPath.OmniPage.Activities


ok I will try this ASAP thanks dude :grin:

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I’m actually following the exercise proposed in the RPA foundation course video, but it’s very hard…many things differ from the current version and this is greatly compromising my learning, as it takes more time to clear up doubts in order to complete the module and There are still some doubts… =(
In the exercise video, when the teacher asks us to use the Microsoft OCR that comes standard, in mine there is no such option, and the option that does not work…this is demotivating.

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