Microsoft Dynamics Update Record not saving added Fields

I have an “Update Record” Activity inside a Microsoft Dynamics Application Scope which is used to update fields in the CRM depending on bot behaviour.

I added the fileds with the “Configure” button from the Update Record activity.
It works fine when i use a new activity, but everytime i try to add a new field do an existing activity it does not save the field.

What i do:

  1. Open existing Update Record Activity
  2. Reselect entity to update available fields
  3. go to “Add Multiple Fields”
  4. Check my new field
  5. Assign variable to field (with correct datatype ofc)
  6. press Test → successful
  7. press done

If i reopen the Update Record Configure panel, the new field does not show.

Anyone know how to fix? I’ve found a workaround to allways create a new Update Record activity, but it’s kinda tedious when i have to add all the fields everytime something changes…

Hi, Can you share the package version and studio version you are using? We are able to see the the new field with value upon adding. By ‘existing’ update record activity, do you mean the activity in an old workflow?