Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration now in Public Preview

We’re excited to announce that the new Microsoft Dynamics 365 activities are available for public preview!

These new activities go beyond UI based automation by using direct data access to your entities, allowing you to create, update, delete and retrieve entity data, upload and download attachments, and remotely execute Actions and Functions.

See below for both installation instructions & how to get started with these new activities. Please give them a try and share your feedback! :left_speech_bubble:

Installation Instructions

  1. Open your “Manage Packages” window
  2. Click on the ‘All Packages’ tab in the left navigation
  3. Check the “Include Prerelease” checkbox
  4. Search for UiPath.MicrosoftDynamics365.Activities & install the latest version

Get Started Quickly

  1. View our setup guide, which details how to connect these activities to your Dynamics 365 instance
  2. View our quickstart guide for a hands-on learning experience and to quickly start using the activities

Reference our user guide for additional details about the package, as well as our full list of activities.


Wooohoo… I have being waiting for this for one of our automation process that needs to interact with Dynamics :slight_smile:

You guys are so super… just at the right time and now I can check it out how this can be used for that when it comes in the official release :smiley:

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That’s great to hear! Do let us know of any feedback you have while using it.

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@paul.hoeffer The documentation is not available anymore, the API doesn’t work. Any body please help!

The docs are at

Not sure what you mean about the API? Do you mean when you try to use it, the activity pack is not working?

cc: @Subrahmanyan_Sankaran

@paul.hoeffer I am using the scope activity to connect to dynamics CRM but it is not able to authenticate. It was working earlier but not anymore. There is no change in credentials.

Microsoft has shared the below links for the most recent deprecation regarding RDS

[](Discover user organizations (Microsoft Dataverse) - Power Apps | Microsoft Learn)

@Subrahmanyan_Sankaran can you please help him out?