Connecter for Dynamics CRM 2015

Hi team

Need your help. I need to get data from Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015. Tried with UI but that’s not reliable. Is there any way like connector so that I can access CRM data?

I was able to find Dynamics CRM 2015 Clean SDK Assemblies but it is not being installed.



I think from 2016 Microsoft combined CRM, ERP and AX into Microsoft dynamics 365. Could you pls refer the below custom package it is having Microsoft dynamics 365 activities and it is gold certified and published by our UiPath. Please try this custom activity package and see if it suitable to you requirement.

If we go with custom activities you don’t get any issues that you are facing while automating task by UI actions. Thanks.

Hi Kiran

Thanks for your reply!! we are using Dynamics CRM 2015 in our environment.

Hi Naresh,

Got your point but the ms dynamics CRM 2015 is part of 365. shall we try the custom activities mentioned above and try to automate your requirement instead of going with UI automation. Thanks.


Another way of doing is with API calls also

Check below link for your reference

Hope this will help you


Above mention activity is for D365 CE. I don’t think dynamics CRM is part of 365.

Please correct me if I am wrong.