Microsoft.Activities.Extensions different on laptop to Server

I have UiPath installed on both my development laptop and a virtual server, both versions of UiPath are identical (2017.1.6522) and both installations have the latest version of Microsoft.Activities.Extensions installed (

However the activities installed for the laptop are different to those installed on the server. The laptop looks like this:

While the server only has the Statements section:

Anyone seen this before, makes it harder to develop when I can’t use these extra activities.

Bump…anyone got any ideas why this is. It’s very annoying and since there are two dictionary activities that are not compatible it’s actually possible for me to make a workflow on my laptop using on ‘Add to dictionary’ that doesn’t work on the server!
I’m now on 2018.1 and the problem still exists even after reinstalling the packages time and again.

These are from 2 different packages:

  1. Microsoft.Activities.Extensions is the one with Extensions → Statements (the one you see on server)
  2. Workflow Manager Activities (also from Microsoft), this one has the rest.

Make sure you either install both or decide on one of them.

Many thanks Andrzej. I had no idea the other package was also providing MS activities. This fixed my issue :pray:

Hello @andrzej.kniola, can you please explain what’s the difference between these 2 types of dictionary activities (they seem very similar) and in which cases would you use one over the other? Much appreciated!