Can not find “Add to dictionary"

Can not find “Add to dictionary” activity And Microsoft.Activities.Extensions is missing in manage package

Kindly Help how to Install Add to Dictionary

Hello @gauthamRPA
Try to update the packages from manage packages

Hi @gauthamRPA

It seems that your package is not supported by updated version of Studio.
Please right click on Microsoft.Activities.Extensions and update it to the supported verison.

HI @gauthamRPA

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In the give image its self telling that you have issue with the package

Try to downgrade the package and check it




The following post will help you.


Version not showing

In New Uipath updation version windows Legacy not available

It seems that as Yoichi-san mentioned, there is no Extension activities for the Windows mode yet. Which means that you’ll have to wait till it’s present or downgrade the version.

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In my environment (22.10.3 CE), it exits in official feed.

Can you check the following URl is defined in settings of ManagePackage?

if not, can you try to add this as feed?


Not working kindly refer the screenshot, The package is not available in this location
Screenshot 2022-11-04 130105


This URL won’t work in browser. Can you try to add it as source feed in ManagePackage as the following?


Hi No packages available on this location

We can still use Windows-Legacy in 22.10.x. Can you try to create it as WindowsLegacy? Or do not convert existing project to Windows at this time.


Ya now working in Windows Legacy method. Thank You.

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