Microsoft Extension Library



I just downloaded a version of UiPath and installed the package “Microsoft.Activities.Extensions”. (It was already installed, and I also re-installed it.)

The issue is that I am using code created on an older version of UiPath, and I am not able to access the Activities under Microsoft.Activities. There are only activities under Microsoft.Activities.Extensions in my version.

One activity I am missing is “Add to dictionary”, and this is causing errors like:

The alternative available in the version of UiPath I am running i.e. the alternative under Microsoft.Activities.Extensions is also “Add To Dictionary”, but apparently not the same.

Any solutions to this? Is it possible to install only the old version of the package, or do I need to replace “Add to dictionary” where it appears in the code?

Br, Christian


hi @ChrVage

Please update and install packages from package manager, will be good if all available packages. you will install and check if their is any updates are available then update packages first.

@badita or @adrian Please guide here. :slight_smile:



Thanks. I already did that, but it didn’t help.

Br, Christian