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I just downloaded a version of UiPath and installed the package “Microsoft.Activities.Extensions”. (It was already installed, and I also re-installed it.)

The issue is that I am using code created on an older version of UiPath, and I am not able to access the Activities under Microsoft.Activities. There are only activities under Microsoft.Activities.Extensions in my version.

One activity I am missing is “Add to dictionary”, and this is causing errors like:

The alternative available in the version of UiPath I am running i.e. the alternative under Microsoft.Activities.Extensions is also “Add To Dictionary”, but apparently not the same.

Any solutions to this? Is it possible to install only the old version of the package, or do I need to replace “Add to dictionary” where it appears in the code?

Br, Christian

hi @ChrVage

Please update and install packages from package manager, will be good if all available packages. you will install and check if their is any updates are available then update packages first.

@badita or @adrian Please guide here. :slight_smile:


Thanks. I already did that, but it didn’t help.

Br, Christian

Hi! Can we re-engage this topic? I’m having this exact issue now – there are two computers in my office running Studio, and on one of them there’s no problem at all, but on the other if I load the same xaml file it can’t find the Build Dictionary extension. (In fact, none of the Dictionary Extensions are available on that machine – only the Statements.)

that package might not have installed properly on the non working machine. its not an UiPath package so we can`t do too much.
now, i would clean the temp and cache folders for the current user, and install it again

Thanks – I’m unable to clear the cache due to admin restrictions, so I haven’t been able to test out your suggestion. Nor can I uninstall and reinstall the UiPath software…

Government work is such a drag!

Hi @radfordb333,

Can you please all the folders in nuget directory which exits inside temp directory. Before that please close the studio.


Thanks – did it, and all the packages reloaded, but the issue is still happening…

Hi @radfordb333,

The final is not recommendable. But unavoidable situation we have to do this is “Re Installation”.Uninstall the current version and reinstall it.


That’s what I was afraid of – thanks.

Hi @radfordb333 @ChrVage. Updating the topic 2 years after the first post :
I just encountered the same issue and found out that the missing package was not “Microsoft.Activities” but “Workflow Manager Activities” . So the good news is there no need to clear the cache, or re-install the software :slight_smile:

Description : Workflow Manager 1.0 provides activities that fall under two categories: activities for working with expressions and data types, and activities for messaging, communications, and building the logic of your workflow applications.

Regards, Bastien

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