Microsoft Office 365 Scope send email activitie

Im triying to send email notification using Office 365 activities but im receiving error :

Send Mail: Code: OrganizationFromTenantGuidNotFound
Message: The tenant for tenant guid ‘ea95390c-da7c-4691-8bc3-20f401e1957a’ does not exist.

But the tenant is already created


Anyone have an idea what is happening

Hey Fausto.

In AuthenticationType chose InteractiveToken. Then it should work. For further reference, I have created this video tutorial in how to set up Office365 with UiPath. If you have any questions, please hit me :slight_smile:

Kind regards, Anders

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Hi Already tried with interactive token but still showing the same error about the tenant

@Fausto did you able to solve this? im also getting same error