Error using application id and secret authentication office 365 scope

Hello guys i have automation using microsoft 365 scope. I tried to use authentication using application id and secret because i want to do unattended run, but it give me error like this

Back then when i used interactivetoken as a authentication there is no issue. Do u guys know why is this happened?

Hello @Kelvin1

You can check this post out. It may help:

Hello @GT_Ropa i already read that post before. Seems like its different problem i think, because in that post someone give recommendation about writing the drive name is it matter if we didnt write the drive name if we use applicationidandsecret as a authentication? because when i used interractivetoken there is no problem even i didnt write the drive name

Might be, you could try writing it.

@GT_Ropa I tried, and still giving me error like that

Someone pls help :frowning:

You can check those as well:

Hi @GT_Ropa thanks for the help. I’ll try it , but i want to ask u something when we create a secret id there is 2 column that is value and secret ID. Which value should we take? on the value column or on the secret ID column? or both are same

Issue solved, the problem is i give the wrong input on the authentication section secret id. On that section we should give the value on the client secret azure not the secret ID

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