Microsoft 365 package : Impossible to use v2


I have a problem using the Microsoft 365 package: I cannot install version 2.x.x, only version 1.

Windows compatibility seems to be a problem because I can install v2 of the package only with a Windows Legacy project.

Studio : 22.4.4 Enterprise

I do not know how to use v2 package ?


Hi @marc.loppion

Try to update UiPath.System.Activities to lastest version.

The package description says you need Studio 23.10+ version to use Office 365 package from version 2.3.3 or above


Hello @ rikulsilva

When I try to update UiPath.System.Activities, the same error appears.

For the Microsoft 365 package, i try to update version 2.2.7 which seems to be good with my version of Studio.


Hi @marc.loppion

Yes, the studio version required is 21.10+ for this Office 365 version. It will works fine.

If you have a specifc case to use the lastest version try to update your studio


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Hi rikulsilva

Unfortunately, I can’t decide what is the version I can use, this is my enterprise…
One solution would be to change the compatibility of the project ( Windows → Windows - Legacy). However, I don’t know how to do that. (business process was already implemented)


It doesn’t cost anything to upgrade, and if you’re on that old of a version you are on an unsupported version. This should make it clear to your organization that it’s long past time to upgrade.

Update studio solved the problem.

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