Cannot install microsoft office 365

Hey people, I can’t install the following package.
Please advise.




May I know what version of UiPath studio are you using?

If you want to install 1.11.1 version then UiPath studio version should be more than 21.10.0. If not then try to install lower version.

Hey, it’s surprising since it was working fine a week ago. My studio version is 2019.10.1 enterprise edition.


Can you try to install lower version and check once whether you are getting any error or not.

Hey, I tried to install a lower version. It is the same error. I am able to install any other package,just not this one.


Is Internet connection available for this Robot machine ? And also check are you behind any Firewall ?

@Anived_Mishra Hello,

Try to downgrade the Excel version and check whether you are able to install or not. Also you can go to Tools->Apps->Repair Tool for Microsoft Office.

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