Can MSFlow be used to trigger an orchestrator job?

Hi there,

I’m talking with a client who is wanting a bot to monitor an email inbox that would trigger a bot to remove user credentials. In trying to look at making an efficient use of the bot, I’m trying to see if there is a way that instead of the job running every 5 minutes during a time period that the job would instead be triggered by an email being received.

The client floated the idea of using Microsoft Flows to potentially utilize an API to start a job in Orchestrator. As far as I know and from what I’ve seen, the only way to start a job in Orchestrator is manually or on a schedule. Am I wrong? Is there a possibility of having an API trigger a job in Orchestrator?

Appreciate the insight and help!

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Hi @amphillips,

Please check this thread. This may give you a clear picture.