Methods to deploy an RPA process in web app

We are thinking of an RPA solution to host a process in web app. Is this possible to deploy?
Is there any related documentations available for this?

@Anju_Unnikrishnan If you are thinking of Calling / Invoking a process from a Web Application, then most probably you should be able to use API Calls for it. Can you check the API Documentation below :

@supermanPunch I have gone through the method of API calling using Postman. Is there any method other than API call?

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@Anju_Unnikrishnan Maybe this is another method where you can embed processes in an application, but Iā€™m not sure of the implementation.

Hi @supermanPunch,
Can you share any project(if any) where this is implemented in a real scenario rather than a demo one.

Tried installing the LTS release of UIpathRobot JS Add-on installer (MSI file) from
It gives an error setup
How to resolve this.