Message box does not close

Hi guys, I’m following the Foundation Training on control flow and created a guessing game whereby user has to guess random number between 1 and 1000.

There is a message box that would say “Correct!” if the user correctly guesses the number. However, this message box won’t close when I click on the ok button. The message box keeps reappearing and won’t go away until I kill the Executer via task manager.


You don’t have an exit condition in your loop for the process when the user chooses Ok, or the condition is still being read as true.

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Sorry, not quite sure I understand. I’ve done other exercises, and my understanding is that if it follows the “true” branch, the execution will stop after the message box.

Screenshot of my bot and vid

Can you show what’s under each of the Input Dialog activities?


There is two arrows. Get rid of the self pointing one.

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msan is right. You have an arrow pointing back to the message box, so it’s looping infinitely. Delete the arrow pointing back to the activity.

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