Message Box or Pop Up While Running Sequence

Is there a way to show a message box until certain sequence is running.

I have a sequence titled “Getting Date” and inside that a sequence is a flow of getting all the data needed. Is there a way where in I want to stay that message box until the Getting Date Sequence is Finished executing and it will automatically close when done. No need for any button like yes/no or ok.

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No there is nothing like this in UiPath. You can use “Write Line” activity to print anything on console.

I’m sad. Maybe soon enough there’s an activity for this. Because I want to let the users know that current status does the robot doing. Even without the studio. Because this will become effective specially when you have to know the current status/progress of the robot.


You cannot display a message box to the user until a particular task is finished since every thing is running in a sequence… However, you can add few things to show it else where…

Add to what @anmolk171 stated, you can either use Write Line activity to show the current process in the console. Additionally, you can use logging by using Log Message or Add Log Fields activities to log various messages under robot logs at different stages without pausing the workflow. If you are connected to the orchestrator, you will be able to see these info under logs… That is the only option available though…

I appreciate the help. But this is already what I used. But I’m looking for more UI based message. Like the message box/window. Just like for example installing. While installing you can see the progress.

Hopefully there’s a activity soon where in there’s a pop up or message box at least where you can see what current status does.

Sample I have a Upload Sequence. I can show thru the message box where in inside is “Uploading Files” then it will automatically close when the sequence is done.

You can write custom code for this but I am not sure how it will behave because you need to run that code in parallel to see the progress.

Hmmm… yes… right now, that option is not available as far as I know. But you could try a work around… I know, this is not a good way to do it… But, you can may be try to show that message in a notepad file…

When you want to show the status… open the notepad, show the message… and once done, you can close it through the workflow.


Can you try this activity?
Hope this helps your requirement.
refer this:




Check Go! components, I think I saw something for adding subtitles to processing that coukd fulfilll your requirements.
Found it -

Somewhere on the forums there were also custom forms for this, I think @vvaidya made one? Not sure.

You could theoretically also use Callout in conjunction with parallel and cancellation scopes, that should work I think.


Hi Meg,

Already checked this but this one is timer based/selector which is unfortunately everything happens on the background. and no definite time. Because the process sometimes take time or finish fast.

Okay, they you can use the parallel activity, where the display message will be one line and another line it should do the remaining process, at the end of process handle the message box.

See if this works for you. I think Uipath converted the idea into an activity, not sure if it is on GO.

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there is a workaround: You could use “Parallel” activity.

The trick is that you should put each parallel branch into a separate workflow like indicated in image below:
In your case it will be "flow of getting all the data " in one workflow and message box in the second.

Each workflow should be started with Isolated = YES to allow true parallel execution.

Condition property of the Parallel activity should be set to TRUE to finish the whole activity once the first workflow finish.
In your case it will be the first workflow "getting all the data ", the second with message box will be terminated.


NOTE: You could improve the above by defining a boolean out argument in the first workflow which will be set to TRUE after completion first workflow and tested in the Condition property of the Parallel activity. It would ensure that the Parallel activity will be terminated only after finishing the first workflow (i.e. not in case someone close the message box).


wow this one works!


On the 1st parallel inside is the invoke(left side) is a message box with ok button and on the right invoke , inside is a simple delay of 5 secs.

same as the 2nd parallel but on a different caption of dialog box.

without interruption the dialog box automatically closed. After executing the another invoke file.

Thank you, @ Joska


Thank you. This one worked! :slight_smile:

All the credit comes to this community where I learned this technique.
If you are satisfied pls mark as solution.



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