How to show log message in popup?

I did web automation . If I started my automation I need to show the log messages in pop up window till end of my automation. How to achieve this?

If bot performing data scrapping means. I need to show pop up as Data scrapping is preforming in foreground. In back side bot need to perform Data scrapping. Then after bot updating the data to database then i need to show pop up as ‘Data updating to database’.


Drag and drop the “Message Box” activity into your workflow.

In same time bot need to show pop up also and need to perform some operation like data scrapping


Use parallel activity
or else

give auto matically close after to some seconds,so it does not change much time

Some alternatives:


better to use assistant in this case…else message box will interrupt the data scrapping as that also would be open

ideally you can try using parallel to display message box and perform but as said it might interrupt the flow