Message Box, If?

Hi everyone,

So I need to show a msgbox like this from an excel where I have some cells with value numbers:

Col 1: “value first cell” , Col2:“value first cell” Row :“Number Row”

I have variables for each collum in a datatable and used an for each and an if but I don’t know how to make the condition in the if activity and in the message box.
Any ideeas, it will help me alot.


@Gabriel2 Why do you need an If Condition?

for this i think he is asking

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You’re right I don’t need if

But I cant find out how to put the condition in the msgbox

@Gabriel2 If I’m not wrong, You just want to Display the Values of the Excel in a Message Box right ?

Yes , In this form:

“Colomn 1:” value of the first cell + “Column 2” value of the first cell column 2 + Row

Pass your datatable to for each row activity,and inside the for each row put an message box and type as below,

“Col 1 :”+row(0)+" Col 2 : “+row(1)+” Row number : "+Counter.Tostring and after this message box , increment the counter in assign Counter = Counter+1.
Assign Counter as 1 before the for each row activity .



It says End of expression expected

Can you send the screenshot of, what you have written?

@Gabriel2 The Double Quotes need to be Corrected. Add a Double Quote at the Beginning.


Solved! Thanks Alot! :slight_smile:

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Check this workflow, @Gabriel2
TestSequence.xaml (6.1 KB)