Message box appear after executing macro in excel

I am facing a problem where I am using the execute macro activity. I have a message box which is a persistent pop-up that keeps appear. My goal is to remove that message box whenever it appears. I have tried using hotkeys/type-in activities however it does not interact with the message box. In short, I am stuck in the execute macro activity due to the message box and unable to carry on to the next activity. I am tasked not to remove the message box from the macro itself. Please advice. Thank you for reading.

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Hi @4ndyg0h, have you double-checked the selectors for that pop-up message? It may be helpful to place your activity in ‘Attach window’. Also, sometimes it is the question of timing, e.g. when it takes a while for the pop-up window to appear and it is still opening, but your automation already tries to run an activity on it. It may be worth to put some delay on that activity then.

i uses parallel activity to solve it. by running the macro first after that if message box appear from the macro will be click by the click activity

how to use parallel activity show me the sample i also facing the same issue @4ndyg0h