Dealing with Macro Popups


I am using “Run Spreadsheet Macro” activity, however, when macro completes it displays a Success message box where OK needs to be clicked. Is there a way to click this OK automatically in StudioX? I saw the Parallel Activity might be as solution but I do not have that option in StudioX.

Any suggestions?

Hi @joseph.j.tiernan ,

Could you try with adding the below one liner code display alerts = false from the below link to disable warning popups generated by macro so that we would not get any success popup message in excel. Please try and let us know. Thanks.

How to Turn Off Warning Messages Using VBA in Microsoft Excel.

Is there a way to click through the alert using a UiPath activity? It would be out of compliance if I were to update the actual VBA in the macro.

Hi @joseph.j.tiernan ,

Ok in that case I have idea. I knew that there is feature in latest studiox that we can enable show developer filter in the activities panel. It will help studiox to get studio activities. After enabling the show developer filter could you check you are able to access parllel activity. If you get parllel activity your problem will resolve. Thanks.