Hi, I need to type into a specific text from a text file and enter this text into a website empty text field, I have made a sequence for reading the text file, now I need to know how to enter this read text into the sequence of the website empty text field area, pls help…

Thanks in Advance

Firstly do string manipulation and get the required text which has to be entered in empty text field of website.
Than use “type into” activity and pass your required text value as a string variable .

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Hi, I have done strong manipulation part and able to read the text in a message box, I want to know how can I get this text into my type into field that means on the empty text field of the website …

Thanks in advance

Hi @Shivam,

For this, we have type into activity and you have to indicate on screen the empty text field and above string manipulation data, store in a variable and pass in type into where “Text must be quoted” is there.