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Hello everybody, it´s just few weeks that I am using Uipath studio and I am trying to automate some activities in my company. Actually my first “problem” is input some data into a website format, the data I´d like to input are coming from an input message box. Basically the user input a key and I have to type it into a website format. Could you please tell me how to do it without using recording function ? Thanks a lot ! Salvo

Hi @Salvo71,
Can you explain the sample input that you have to type into website. As per my understanding you have to type whatever the user is entering into the message box into a website. For doing this store the output of a message box in a variable and use that variable in Type into activity to enter in website. If you want to type according to the button selected in message box, you can just store the selection for example Yes / No in variable and then use variable in Type into activity to enter in website.

Hope this helps.


Hello Praveens,

yes now it is perfectly working !!! Thanks a lot !!


you can use Type Into activity .
for passwords , use Type Secure Text activity

use Anchor Base to find the exact position where you want to type text in website.
select the appropriate selectors

Hello Lukas,

really appreciate your tips and advice, actually I never used Anchor Base which is indeed very useful !
thanks again !

but actually I am not so sure how to use it , I mean Anchor Base function, I tried with type Into and is ok, shall I add not Anchor base as well ? could you please give me an example ? Thanks !

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look into this picture. it has lots of text box…using anchor base , you can differentiate the each text box where you want to type text

Fine ! Thanks a lot .