Merge Data Table - Merge columns or merge rows?

Hi, I am trying to understand the Merge Data Table activity.

  • How do you specify whether to merge the two tables per column or per row?
  • Also, how do you specify whether the source or the destination table is to the left/right/top/bottom location relative to each other?


The Merge Data Table activity appends the datatable from the source to the destination.
If you want specific ways to join datatables refer to this link for the join activity:

I don’t have Join Data Table activity on my version of UiPath, how do I do a custom join using code?

This really depends on what you want to achieve :slight_smile:
I suggest looking here:

Hi, I’m not looking to join tables like in SQL where there is inner, outer join etc on a join condition.

What I want to achieve is that I have two data tables and I want to do a simple append one table to another table. So the second table’s columns are appended to the first table, to the right of the first table.

Any help?

just in case you still need the answer … I was looking the same and this work for me …

The Merge Data Table Activity will merge the two column of two the different Data Table
the 2 column must have the same headers.
For exemple you DT1 And DT2 => if the distination will be DT1 then, the Column of DT2 will be added in the Column which have same header in DT1.