Merging two accounts

Dear Team,
I want to know if two academy accounts can be merged.

I used to work with a partner (Accenture) and made considerable progress with learning paths and certifications. Now I dont work with Accenture anymore, and hence have signed up with a personal account.

Can you please check if the two accounts cane merged, so I can continue with my learning journey?.
I would really not like to waste time in doing all the trainings all over again.

old id:
new id:


Hi @Aarti_Patankar_Morye

Welcome to uipath path
I would like to suggest that we dont need to create a new account in academy rather we can update the mail id in our account settings


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Thanks for replying.

This solution would have worked if I did this earlier… but unfortunately i havent… and now the older ID is no more active, as i dont work with Accenture anymore. I am worried that I will lose my progress… :expressionless:

I feel this can be done through backend… anyone i can contact? like a support id or something?

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@Aarti_Patankar_Morye You can contact support team here

Fine @Aarti_Patankar_Morye
Kindly try to raise a ticket and contact the uipath helpdesk team buddy…
They would surely help you on this

Cheers @Aarti_Patankar_Morye


Thanks, I tried that, but support site says you cannot raise a ticket if you are Community Edition user, support is available only to enterprise users…sob sob :frowning:

@Aarti_Patankar_Morye I hope @loginerror will help you on this.

Hi @Aarti_Patankar_Morye

Welcome to our UiPath Forum! :slight_smile:

Please make sure to use this form for Academy support rather than the general one for technical support.
This is most likely why they couldn’t help you (although they should have just transferred you to the right place)

Either way, here is the valid form for Academy related issues:

Merging accounts is something completely doable and they will help you out :slight_smile:



Thank you so much!
This was the exact form I was looking for!
I have now submitted a request, hoping for a resolution soon.

Thanks once again,

Hi , @Aarti_Patankar_Morye I am having exact same issue as I had my RPA academy account linked to a corporate account that I no longer work at. Did your issue get resolved?