Merge rows based on condition

Hi Guys,
Please check the below scenario, I would like to know it’s possible to do:


If name matches mean we need to merge the other two columns based on values.

Thank you.

Can you send the XAML file with the Data Tables, i would try to do this in Merge Data Table activity

Sample Input Sheet.xlsx (10.3 KB)

@srdjan.suc Please check the sample sheet

@gokulvasant Please check below xaml file.

Test.xaml (18.4 KB)

@Manjuts90 thank you it’s working like a charm,

I have one more query, I want to compare both column name and service_from column …

then data’s want to merge.

Just guide me on the same.

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@gokulvasant Can you tell me with what you have to compare both Columns “Name” and “Service_From”?

Yes Dude,
name is string and service from is date data type

@gokulvasant Can you give some example for doing comparison?

Input.xlsx (230.4 KB)

Hi please check this input sheet, I want to compare first columns and need to do action on the 3rd and 4th column… remaining columns as it is.

Hai any updates on that… thank you.

@gokulvasant Sorry for the delay please find attached file below.

Test.xaml (23.2 KB)

Please find output in sheet4, i have changed 1st first Column name in the input file.

Input.xlsx (209.3 KB)

you may need to change the column Name in workflow or excel depending on you requirement.

This is not optimal solution for your problem u can use it for time being.

Yes @Manjuts90, it’s working… but I didn’t get the total amount…

@gokulvasant Check below file and let me know know if total amount is missing or not.

Test.xaml (23.2 KB)

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@Manjuts90 thanks a lott…

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@gokulvasant Ur welcome :slight_smile:

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