Compare two data tables having 2 common columns and write values accordingly

In the excel file Match.xlsx (10.7 KB),
The input sheet Sheet1 looks like image
The sheet having values Sheet2 looks like image

The required output sheet output looks like image

Here, When column “Quality and Series” of Sheet1 matches with column “Quality and Design Series” of Sheet2 then Assign Column A,B,C,D of Sheet1 values like A of Sheet1 = (Pro * A of Sheet2) and so on for other columns also where round the digits of output upto three decimal places.

Please help…

Hello @Swara_Soni,

You can use Merge datatable activity :-

Thanks & Regards,
Raj parsana

@raj.parsana…Thanks for reply… but by using merge datatable activity i can’t create the required output as i want the Pro column to multiply in the output sheet.

Find starter help here:
Swara_Soni_MatchProFactor.xaml (7.5 KB)

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@ppr Thanks a lot for the solution.

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