Merge Data table Assign Activity

I have merged multiple excel files into one with the merge data table. I’m trying to us a assign activity as my output for the merged data. What would I add in the right column and what would I add in the left column(assign activity) to output the data from the merged data table?

I created a merge data variable I just need to figure out how to pass that to the assign activity to produce the output of the merged data variable, I have attached a picture.


Hi @NATHAN_MORA the variable which is the output of merge datatable activity should be right side of assign activity and other variable which u want to copy datatable on left side.

The merged data table variable should be the right? Like i have it ?

I’m not understanding what needs to be in the right side.

How would i take that merged data and write it to its own excel file?

Hi @NATHAN_MORA in the destination property of merge data table activity the variable which u have provided give that to write range activity.

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