Can we merge 2 different DataTables output in one?

Eg. output from Generate Datatable (Column Seperated) and output from Build datatable can be merged into a new Datatable?

Hi @Prateek_Valvi
yes it is possible

use merge datatable activity

Nived N
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@Prateek_Valvi - Yes, you can merge the 2 different DT as the one final output.

Call the Merge Data Table activities and in properties section give an input value destination part “DT1” and Source input value “DT2”. And finally print the DT1 Value, you will get the excepted output.

DTMerge.xaml (9.3 KB)

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i am running 3 files at a time for inputs, the output of the 3 files for dt2 is adding with the previous one and combining the output at every iteration!