Merge all excel files in the folder as One excel file

Dear Experts,

I want to merge all excel files in the folder as total excel file. I have hundreds of excel files in the folder and I want to merge all the data as one excel file. First I used read range activity, to convert excel as datatable. And then I used merge data table to merge all the datatables. I can merge all the data as one excel but it takes a lot of time to finish. If there is any solution or workaround to decrease runtime or to improve efficiency and effectiveness of the workflow. If you know the solution or workaround, please share it with me. Thanks. Best regards.

Systems1_MargeMonthlyReports.xaml (15.7 KB)
please check I am also performing same scenario

yeah bro. It will take a lot of time when we used merge datatable activity.

@how much it takes time. I think other than this might be a fruitful solution that takes a short time

Hello @Zaw_Win_Htun1
Try this steps, its may be helps you

  1. Use For Each File in Folder actvity and indiacte the path of folder
  2. In for each , Read range activity of work book placed and pass the variable of currentfile.
  3. Set append data of workbook application and indiacte the output file.

Hi @Zaw_Win_Htun1

Check out this thread

Download the package in the Marketplace


hello Gokul, thanks for sharing it. I used the same steps of the video already but the execution time is long when you run hundreds of excel files. I want another solution or work around to decrease running time.

what about doing it programmatically (VB/C#) with Invoke code or Invoke VBA? I am not sure how much faster will it be, but it could cut some portion of the runtime.
I could try to write something for this, but it will take some time (like day or two). That is if all the files have the same structure.

Hi i have attached my xml please check it
Main.xaml (8.6 KB)