I have to merge 3 excel files as a one excel file

Hi guys…

I have 3 seperate excel files say one,two,three attached below for your reference. then all of them having same column name only. I need to merge all the three excel files into one excel file say finalresult.xlsx i have attached that also…

Help me how can i do this.
Share a workflow if possible…

Sriramone.xlsx (8.4 KB) Two.xlsx (8.5 KB) Three.xlsx (8.4 KB) finalresult.xlsx (8.7 KB)

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Use Read Range Activity to read the data from Excel file and will give you output as dataTable and then use Merge DataTable Activity to merge the data. Finally use Write Range Activity to write into finalresult file and pass Destination field of Merge DataTable Activity as input to it.

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@lakshman could you please elaborate.
sorry i’m not clear.
Inside For each Files ??

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Fine @Sriram07
Here you go buddy
the xaml, Its resolved
merge.zip (49.8 KB)


Yeah its working fine palaniyappan and i need a help like how can i do this using for each files in a folder. Assume we dont know how much excel files is there to merge to a final excel.

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In that case use like this buddy
Hope its resolved
merge.zip (50.5 KB)

Cheers @Sriram07

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