Merge 2 tables without primary key


I have two tables which doesn’t have a primary key. I want to merge them. I have attached a sample worksheet below.merge multiple.xlsx (10.1 KB)


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Can you please check this How to merge two data tables

How do i merge two datatables which has 1 instance in 1 table and 3 instances in other data table

but that doesnt solve the problem when the order is different.


@ovi @Dominic @arivu96 any thoughts?


Hi ,
Here I have attached a sample for merge 2 tables without primarykey. I have written the output in Sheet4

file : (11.4 KB)

Thank you

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Hi, I’m trying to change your code a little to fit my use, but I don’t quite understand your code used in the invoke code activity. Could you please explain more about it? Thanks a ton!!