Meaning of this code

Please let me know meaning of this code

Chr(64+ varDT.Columns.IndexOf(item)+2).ToString+“1:” +Chr(65+ varDT.Columns.Count).ToString +varDT.Rows.Count.ToString

it is creating excel sheet range e.g. (A1:Z100).

need to know meaning specifically per code.

It’s taking the ASCII value of the @ character (64) and adding the column index of the item plus adding 2, which gives us another character from the ASCII table depending upon the resulting value. So if the resulting value is 69 then the character (chr) is E. Then it’s concatenating that with a 1:. Then it’s adding the column count to 65, to get another character based on ASCII code, and concatenating that to the string, then concatenating the number of rows to the string.

The result will be a five character string where the middle two characters are always 1: and the other characters are determined by variables and calculations.

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Thanks i have been searching the meaning and wanted to know the correct meaning.
truly appreciate it!