Question about write values in each column

Hi everyone

I write screen scraping in a loop to ouput column name for each column in a new datatable

I know how to write each row by use write cell (“A”+i.ToString) i=i+1 in loop

but I don’t know how to select cell from A1 to B1 since string cannot use (plus) function

Is there anyway to solve it? or convert the string to ASCII code? or any better appoarch?


Hi @mightsuccess

Convert.ToChar(65+ i ) to convert number to letter.


what if more than 26 rows
“AA” to “AAA”
how to deal with it?
or I need 2 loop run together to get the value?

Unfortunately it works only up to Z.

For your requirement, you can make use of the following code -

variable, Integer value
variable, String Result

for example, if value = 28, the following code returns “AB

 while (--value >= 0)
     Assign Activity, result = Convert.ToChar('A' + value % 26) + result;
     Assign Activity, value /= 26;

The result contains the column name.

Karthik Byggari

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