MDM is not connecting to Android device on latest version from 20.10

Hi Team,

I am not able to connect to android device from 20.10 version onwards, it is throwing key not present, disconnecting status but iOS is working and connecting fine.

Please help me out on this.


Hi @BasiReddy

Could you share more details about the errors you are getting?

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Hi @loginerror,

We are using Browserstack real devices to execute all the test cases. So far we executed all the test cases in iOS device but when I tried to execute from android, it is not connecting.

We found the issue by changing the UiPath.Mobile.Activites package version. It is working perfectly fine on below 20.8.0 but after that version it is not working. I have attached screenshot FYI…

Hi @BassiReddy !

Could you please share with us:

  • the exact error you see in MDM (is it just “key not present” ?)
  • errors from UiPath source, if any, in Windows Event Viewer
  • what connection details do you have for your device and app , in MDM so we can try to reproduce the issue (of course leaving aside any private browserstack connection details)

Thank you,

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Hi @Bogdan_Cucosel,

Sorry for the late reply, I have attached screenshot for your reference.

So it is failing when trying to run from Studio while MDM is opened ? We have developed a functionality called mirroring that would show the actual execution from Studio in MDM, if MDM is opened and Studio is version 20.10 or greater.

Can you connect from MDM to the same connection ?
Also, could you please send the logs you can find from Studio , Debug tab on the ribbon and “Open Logs” ?


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Here are the files (1.3 KB)

Hi @BasiReddy,

After investigating together with @Bogdan_Cucosel, we found that BrowserStack uses an unsupported Appium version by default for Android, though not for iOS.

In order to get things working again, please add the browserstack.appium_version capability and use at least 1.15.0, though I would recommend using the latest supported version, 1.18.0 as the value.

See here for more details regarding the supported Appium versions on BrowserStack.

On another note, the error message in this case is confusing, and it’s something we definitely need to fix, even though in some cases we do not have a reliable way of determining the version of the Appium instance that we’re running against.


Hi @AlvinStanescu @Bogdan_Cucosel @loginerror,

Issue was resolved, I have given Appium version as 1.18.0 and it working perfectly fine. Thank you so much for your support.

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