Maximize SAP Investments with UiPath Automation and Testing

Listen to the experts from PwC and UiPath on how SAP Automation and Testing are integrated seamlessly from a common platform

SAP implementations are usually complex, undergo constant change and are not always easy to integrate with other services. For SAP users they often come with large volumes of manual, repetitive work.

UiPath technology can provide answers to these challenges. Advanced RPA technology lets you deploy automation across your SAP and non-SAP systems while best-of-breed testing capabilities allow optimizing your critical end-to-end business processes.

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:arrow_right: How an automated, centrally managed approach supports continuous testing of your SAP business processes, robots and SAP S/4HANA migration
:arrow_right: How to execute tests faster using a unified testing environment that’s efficient, easy to use, and shareable across your organization
:arrow_right: How the UiPath low-code technology enables test development and simple deployment

image - Lev Kushnir | Director of Product Management, UiPath
image - Robert Thullner | Presales Technical Consultant, UiPath
image - Abdoul Fabré | Manager Finance Service Technology Consulting, PwC
image - Ard Kramer | Senior Consultant and Host of Test Automation days, OrangeCrest

If you can’t attend the live webinar, simply sign up and we will send you the recording :red_circle: .

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HI All,

The preparation is done :white_check_mark:

The demo is ready :white_check_mark:

We are looking forward with my colleagues to meeting our SAP community :heart:

Best regards, Lev



Hello Lev,
looking forward to the webinar. :slightly_smiling_face:
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Registered already! One thing, can i check if there is an SAP instance that we can use to practice our solutions?

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HI @seanrockvz13
We are not offering an access to our SAP demo environment.
Best regards, Lev

Hi All,

Could you tell me where can get the review video?

Thank you

Our team already using Winshuttle to automate SAP process…
But somehow, it isn’t good experience. I really want to see how Uipath can do it.
Please let me know if have any review for this demo.

HI @Chen_Kenny

Please register to the webinar and you will get a link to the video.

What are the challenges you have with SAP automation?

Best regards, Lev

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Thanks for your reply,
I tried company mail and individual mail, but I didn’t receive any response.
Even in the junk box.

I think the main challenge is hard to efficiently corporate with different tools (Excel, Access), PLM systems (Web-based), which means we also need to spend much time creating many Access and Excel VBA tools. When the project is quite complicated, it’s hard to maintain.

And the other problem is we can’t run the robots in the background.

Thank you

Best regards,
Kenny Chen


I have just checked with our marketing team. The recording will be available today/tomorrow and everyone registered will be notified. They have to convert the video and it took some time

Best regards, Lev

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New stuff is coming:

Best regards, Lev


I am interested more on this winshuttle issue
I have a process that need SAP automation , but customer using winshuttle. But overall process is webapps, excel and other apps. and this winshuttle-excel add in is used.
Did you over come your issue by removing winshuttle and use uipath or used uipath over winshuttle? and do rest of the process with uipath?

Winshuttle has IPC(International Patent Classification) for download some SAP tables(very efficient) and background process SAP. I only use winshuttle to download SAP table because it’s more efficient than using uipath through the interface .


Hello Kenny,

that sounds interesting, but please help me to understand that better. I look around of the architecture of Winshuttle. In a video I found this map:

As far as I understand this map correctly, Winshuttle installs it owns function modules in the SAP back-end. Can you confirm this?

Thanks and best regards

P.S. Here an interesting White Paper.

I can’t 100% confirm that. I am a user not a developer for winshuttle. But I saw our winshuttle developer create a script in the latest winshuttle version. It’s quite simple to get the table (not need coding , like excel queery, but data already in there, you just search tables which our IT already defined), and also can customize the table for your business operation.

user will get winshuttle script , our job just open , run , and get the table…

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Hello Kenny,

thank you very much.

RPA is a non-invasive approach and UiPath follows this. When Winshuttle implements a stub of RFC function modules it is invasive. In my opinion these approaches cannot be compared. Certainly then Winshuttle is much more powerful because it uses the technological approach of the SAP back-end system, which UiPath doesn’t do.

Best regards