#SAP Automation

Hi All,

I want to learn SAP automation. Does anyone know any demo SAP application/tool where I can try doing aumation.

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Amreen Zabi

hope this could help you buddy

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SAP Trial version

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@Palaniyappan Thank you… Will try with this.

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Hi all,
i only want to know which free SAP application to download so i can follow the videos

@Palaniyappan appreciate your reply on my inquiry thanks

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Sorry for the delayed response
I hope uipath is compatible with all SAP Suites
For more details on this

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@Palaniyappan man my inquiry was about a trail SAP software that I can use to go through the academy videos. I hope you got me right ?? and please reply to me ASAP as am really stuck to proceed further in the RPA developer courses

Yah I m not sure about trial version
Did this gets installed

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yes bro but which one they are many. i only meant the one that i can use to do the SAP automation videos . Thanks for your support. Nice photo