Matching variable in 2 datatables

1st table: csv

2nd table: xlsx

I have to compare this two files and match the reference id. Check if ABCD123 appears in both files, and check the YesOrNo, if is yes, update the xlsx attending column to yes


Hello @lllqw ,

Perhaps workflow this might help you:

The main activities you should use are:

Hope it helps!
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what about not based on current row but the value in both data table?

Hi @lllqw ,

Maybe also an alternate method would be to use Join Datatables Activity with Left Join. Then update the Column “Attending” using Data Column Expression since it is a relatively simpler updation.

Check the workflow below : (9.3 KB)

For simplicity purpose, I have used both the data as xlsx, you could use the Read CSV Activity for reading the csv files in your case.

You could also refer the Blog below for more info on Updation of Datatable values :

Let us know if this doesn’t help.

Hey @lllqw Try this workflow
This will surely help you
Compare column.xaml (7.4 KB)

Try to change the sheet names


Sreejith S S

Hi thank you, Can i ask what does the if else statement part mean?

Yeah sure.
if yes is present in the first table then we will update yes in the second table if not then no will be updated. This conditions will be updated only if there is a match between two tables

Hope it helps you.
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Sreejith S S

hi, can i have your excel files

Sorry i deleted them

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