Compare and update two data tables

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Can anyone help me with the following? This is a little tricky so please let me know if you know how to figure this out.

I have two data tables (both come from SharePoint sites) when I pull the two data tables I want to compare one column from DT1 with another column in DT2. If a ‘name’ or ‘code’ exists in both data tables in the same column, I then want to update DT1 to include an extra column with value ‘Yes’ for the row in DT1. Does that make sense? I know this is difficult so would be very grateful for any help

Column 2 in DT1

Column2 in DT2

If you have the same values in both the excels, you need to update the column as yes as per my understanding, so you just need a VLookup to do that @Bob2

Hi - This is just a print out of the Data Table (write csv). I am trying to do complete this problem without going into excel. Does that make sense?

even in CSV you can do that @Bob2, we have lookup data table activity which will help you in this scenario

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