Matching Row

Hello guys i want to compare first policy reference value second policy reference value

if the value matches i want to get the “VALUE FROM corresponding BD COLUMN”



P-100-7101-2022-254 is same so i need to get the corresponding value ie =Rinee

Can i get help

we gave you in your other topic hints to grouping by the data and / or filterings

Same principles and building blocks we can apply for handling this topic case


are using this in reframework ?

use if activity condition as

booloutput=dt.AsEnumerable.any(Function(a) a(1).ToString.Equals(""))

in then block use another assign activity

index=dt.AsEnumerable.ToList.FindIndex(Function(a) a(1).ToString.Equals(""))



Hi @Gokul_Murali,

You can use the following solution which is designed for your problem.
Hope it will work. If you found helpful, mark as Solution. (95.7 KB)

You can create LINQ and get all values matching with that id
and store it in array of datarow.
arrdtrow.last() will help to get the last matching value

arrdtrow will be your variable of datarow type



Hey iam using RE Framework in this project

so the first policy is not repeating so i dont need the name
But only i need the name for repeating policy.

The xaml file send by you is working properly but for the full datatable can do like for each transaction item