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I am using contains function to get the value of Column in Data Table. I am getting the value however it repeats the same transaction. For example in Transaction 1 it fetches the value and again goes back to search for the same transaction 1 column Name.

ExtractDataTable_CreditMemo.AsEnumerable().Any(Function(x) x(“ITEM”).ToString.contains(“Services”))

It checks the condition and goes to Then statement and once it completes it Should go to Transaction 2 to repeat the If condition but here goes to again Transaction 1 and repeats and fails.

1)It should check condition and updates value in Rate column and saves it. Once it saves it , it reaches to another page (pending approval)something like this.

But since in the pending approval page also there is a similar Rate column instead of again Transaction 2 it goes and clicks to the Rate column on already updated Trasaction Number 1


Can you please show your flow …

Also after the completion and before starting next transaction you have to reset the screen for next transaction to work as expected

And for repetition there might be that the transaction is getting failed and it is being retried can you please check on that as well if you have retry enabled and if transaction is failinng



Please find the workflow. The transaction is repeating from the For each row in ExtractDataTable_CreditMemo
Process (2).zip (41.9 KB)


I hope this is what youa re taking about

you are getting first row only because for each row you are filtering whole table and trying to get the data

but what you need to do is to loop through the datatable which is filtered

or you need to check the currentrow for contains and not the datatable as whole


I hope you want to check each row

and I dont see you using any currentrow in the for loop but you are using some variables which are already having some value

please check and correct


Sure will do the changes. Thank You

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