Mark Mail as unread using exchange service

Hi Team,

I want to mark a read mail as unread. I have the mail item id. and i am using exchange mail service for reading the mails.

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Hi @jishnupnair1996,
In Get Exchange Mail Message activity you have this attribute:

Hi @jishnupnair1996
you got an option to mark as read in Get Exchange mail activty buddy


For more info on the properties available in Get exchange mail activity

Cheers @jishnupnair1996

@Pablito , @Palaniyappan

I guess you guys misread his requirement. @jishnupnair1996 correct me if i’m wrong,

He wants to mark a read mail as unread


@Vijay_Tulsalkar You’re right :smiley: Sorry.
I’m not sure if there is such option to mark already taken mails as unread. Maybe some custom package?

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Sorry about that
hope this could help you

Cheers @jishnupnair1996

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