"Mark as read" doesn't work

Hi there,
I have a process that runs daily and does activities based on content of Emails. In the get exchange mail message activity I checked the “mark as read” checkbox but the mail appears as unread if i open outlook after the process ran.
Is there a known issue or fix for this?

–make sure that onlyunreadmessage is enabled as well along with markasread property in get exchange mail activity
the reason is if onlyunreadmessage property is enable there must be some unread message available in your inbox and once this activity reaches outlook it will mark as read as the property markasread is enabled
–make sure correct MailFolder is mentioned in the MailFolder property, if its “Inbox” mention it inbox or if its a subfolder mention it as 'Inbox\Subfoldername"
–or if its a shared folder , mention the shared folder name as well in the property of get exchange mail activity
Kindly try this and let know buddy
This should work for sure, as markasread is enabled and make sure onlyunreadmessages is also enabled
Cheers @mschuler

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This worked perfectly. I had it in a subfolder.

Thank you very much!

Cheers @mschuler

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