How to Mark email as Read which matches specific subject from exchange mail server

Hello every one

I am reading all unread emails using Get Exchange Mail Message activity. Later I want to mark email as Read which matches specific subject. How can I achieve this? Any sample code would be much helpful.

Get Exchange mail property panel (screenshot)


Note: I don’t want to move emails to another folder and I cannot use outlook activities.
Current UiPath Studio Version: 2018.4.3
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Thanks in advance

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How about the following?

First, read mail messages without MarkAsRead.
Then iterate messages and add maeesage-id to list if condition is met.
Finally, read mail message with the list in FilterByMessageIds property and MarkAsRead.


Hi @Yoichi

Thanks for your response. In the studio 2018 we don’t have the FilterByMessageIds option. Can we have any other way to solve.

@Yoichi Do we have any alternative way to solve this issue


Is it possible to upgrade UiPath.Mail.Activities package or UiPath Studio itself? Especially, as Studio 2018.4 is already support expired, it’s better to upgarde.

Or we might be able to create program which communicate with Exchange server in UiPath, but it will be complicated or difficult, i think.


Thanks for your response @Yoichi

We can’t able to update the studio there is a orchestrator license in the studio.

This is the latest package of the mail activity in the 2018 version.


Use the same activity again to read the email by id and mark it as read !

Thanks for your response @Nithinkrishna

Can you please elaborate little bit What do you mean by id

Hey @Marian_B

In your Exchange activity you can see filter by message IDs option, so you can just filter the exact message or in bulk to mark all those as read !

Hope that helps



There is no option call filter in the properties panel @Nithinkrishna

Oh @Marian_B

Yes I guess the version is old ?

Yes @Nithinkrishna , But i can’t upgrade the new version. Do you have any other ways

Hi Mirian.

Perhaps, instead of marking the email as read, you could send it to another folder?
You could then read that folder and mark all of them as read.


Okay not a problem.

Filter the same email by subject and received time.

Hope that will help !